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Shown in Economy Grade Claro

Frontier Sporter Style

A sporty looking stock with sharp, racy lines appeals to the individual that wants something different. Also available in a hardwood version. Click here for hardwood.

at $198And
Standard Oval Forearm
True Classic Round Forearm
For up to 22" Barrels (no tip or cap installed). Available in a Full semi-oval shape only
2 1/2" wide to accommodate 1" to 1 1/4" barrels
Blank should measure 32 to 34" long, 6 1/2" deep at the butt, 2 1/2" wide. Please Note: If the supplied blank is undersized, flat spots can occur on the cheekpiece, forearm, etc. Includes Free Rosewood Tip & Cap unless requested otherwise
Installed at 45 degrees or 90 degrees with or without Maple Spacers
On request, we can omit the installation of the FREE Rosewood Tip & Cap
Rosewood Tip can be installed at 90 degrees with or without maple spacers
Our stocks are available with factory sized barrel channel contours, depending on the action model. Because of machining and fixturing limitations, we are unable to accommodate requests for custom barrel channel contours. However, on stocks machined with a 96% inlet, we are able to provide, as an option, either a 1/2", 3/4", 1", or 1-1/4" straight barrel channel groove on request.
LOP can be brought out to 14 3/4" without a recoil pad installed (14-week delivery)
We can leave extra wood in any exterior area of the stock for a higher comb, finger groves, etc.
We can accommodate all configurations of RH Action & LH Shooter, LH Action & LH Shooter, LH Action & RH Shooter. Please specify setup when ordering (8-12 weeks for delivery).
Pachmayr installed (13-3/4" pull unless specified otherwise, 14-3/4" Max with 1" Pad).
Solid Rubber with Basket Weave Face
The Ultimate in recoil reduction. Available in Black Only
Available in Blued Metal only
Frontier Sporter Style


Includes a Rosewood Tip & Cap, Palm Swell, and High Comb. This sporty looking stock with its racy lines may be what you are looking for. Its challenging and exotic appearance appeals to the individual that wants something different. Our Sportster style can be shaped from our Custom Rollover by dropping the heel 3/8″, raising the bottom of the cheek line 1/8″, moving back top of the comb forward 1/4″, sharpening the forward point of the comb, and altering the front and back of the grip for that definite hook.


  • Rosewood Tip & Cap
  • Palm Swell
  • High Comb
  • Sporty Looking Stock
  • Sharp, Racy Lines