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Hardwood Grades

Richards stock blanks are priced according to grain layout, density, color, and figure. Occasionally, a fancy stock may be graded down after machining from the blank because the grain is not perfect, or there is a flaw in the wood. On the other hand, a stock can be graded slightly up if the overall quality of the stock warrants it. Keep in mind when ordering a stock, that, the real beauty of the wood is not fully apparent until a stock is completely finished. But for a preliminary look at the stock, you may sparingly apply lacquer thinner, acetone, or water to bring out the grain.

Economy Grade

Usually what we have available in this grade is plain Claro Walnut, which will finish up into a fine, dependable, utility stock. This grade will have straight grain and may have some slight cosmetic blemishes.

Economy Grade Hardwood
Frontier Style shown in Economy Grade Maple

Standard Grade

This is a good, sound, plain piece of Walnut with reasonable grain flow throughout the stock. Occasionally, a very slight defect may appear and is filled when necessary. (These are not factory seconds, as any flaw would be very slight) This grade will provide you with a good, serviceable stock.

Standard Grade Hardwood
Dual Grip Thumbhole Style shown in Standard Grade Claro Walnut

Customer performed modifications on this stock style including rounding the comb and dropping the heel 1/8″ for a “Monte Carlo Look”

Select Grade

A selected piece of plain, dark Walnut with excellent grain flow through the entire stock and no defects or light wood. Occasionally, some slight figure may appear.

Select Grade Hardwood
Dual Grip Thumbhole Style "Unfinished", shown in Select Grade Claro Walnut

This stock is ready for final sanding and is an example of what you will receive when ordering a RICHARDS Gunstock.

Semi-Fancy Grade

This grade will contain character in either figure or color.

Semi-Fancy Grade Hardwood
Custom Rollover Style with 2 1/4" Varmint Forearm, shown in Semi-Fancy Grade Claro Walnut

Customer performed a modification on this stock style by removing the rollover.

Grade A Fancy

One of our more popular grades that has good figure, color, or sometimes both. This grade usually contains about 25% figure in any area and will finish up into a beautiful stock. A good Buy.

Grade A Fancy Hardwood
Dual Grip Thumbhole Style shown in Grade A Fancy Claro Walnut

Customer performed a modification on this stock style by removing the rollover.

Grade AAA Fancy

These stocks are very fancy and have good color and figure through approximately 75% of the stock. This grade will finish into an exceptionally fine stock. These stocks are for the individual that wants a show piece at a modest price.

Grade AA Fancy Hardwood

Grade AAA Extra Fancy

This grade has extremely good figure in fiddleback and color through about 75% or more of the stock. A real show piece!

Grade AAA Extra Fancy Hardwood
Custom Rollover Style shown in Grade AAA Extra Fancy Claro Walnut

Exhibition Grade

Extremely rare. This grade will have 100% full figure in pronounced fiddleback and vivid grain patterns throughout the entire stock. These blanks are exceptional in every way and the supply is limited. This grade is for the connoisseur.

Exhibition Grade Harwood
Dual Grip Thumbhole Style shown in Exhibition Grade Claro Walnut
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