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We make single piece stocks for bolt action rifles, muzzleloaders, air rifles, as well as a handful of actions for semi-auto .22 caliber rimfire actions listed in our available inlets page. We do not make stocks for any centerfire semi-auto firearms, nor two piece shotgun or lever action stocks, and no pistol stocks.

We will manufacture your stock according to your preferences.  Upon ordering, simply indicate your desired Stock Style, Wood Type, and Action Inlet, and we will make the stock accordingly. 

The action inletting will be either a 99% “Press-Fit” Inlet or a 96% “Semi” Inlet.  Actions specified as a 99% inlet will usually bolt to the stock with minimal handwork and fitting.  With our 99% “Press-Fit” Inlet, only minor fitting for the action and bolt notch clearance is needed to produce a finished rifle with an “action-to-stock” fit that is so nice and snug it will look like the wood grew from around the metal!   All of our stocks are unfinished and are ready for final sanding and finish to to be applied according to each individual’s tastes.
On a 96% Semi Inleted stock, some fitting and wood removal will  need to done in the inleted area for the action to fit properly.  A small rasp, chisel, and sandpaper should do the trick, and a Dremel Tool works well for some individuals.  If you would like to have the stock finished and the action fitted, please consult with a local gunsmith for these services. In addition, a small electric orbital sander or palm sander makes the final sanding a breeze.

We don’t require customer supplied factory stocks.  If you are unsure which model or type of particular action it is that you have,  please call us and we can probably identify it by asking only a few key questions. (818) 767-6097.  You may also want to check with a local gunsmith, gun shop, or the factory itself, if possible.  We have patterns & programs for all of the actions that we inlet stocks for.  We do, however, offer custom duplication services from customer supplied stock patterns.

Our stocks are fully shaped on the outside, and will require sanding and finishing. We recommend starting with about 80 grit sandpaper, and working your way up to 400 to 600 grit prior to finishing. The time required for this depends on the type of finish that you desire and really depends upon your abilities. The stock can be finished with your choice of oil, urethane, or other finishing compound you prefer. There are various sites on the internet dedicated to finishing a stock where you can find additional information. Our stocks come with approximately 1″ of extra material on the end of the tip to allow the customer to shape it according to individual taste. Some customers prefer to round the tip, while others will cut it forward or backward at an angle, or just leave it flat.

Some action inlet’s are available 99% “Press-Fit” and the action will basically bolt to the stock with little to no handwork involved, and only minor fitting for the action and bolt notch clearance is needed. 96% Semi Inlet means that the action area will be cut undersize, and will require that you remove some wood in certain areas to allow the fitting of your action into the stock. A small chisel, wood rasp, and sandpaper is all that is usually required. A Dremel Tool also works well for the fitting process.

This stock is ready for final sanding and is an example of what you will receive when ordering a Richards Microfit Gunstock. The tip is left flat in the front and there is approximately 1″ of extra material left in the very front of the forearm tip to allow the customer to shape it according to individual preference.

Many of our stocks are made to order so that we can offer our customers myriads of options in stock styles, grades, action inlets, etc. The delivery time will vary according to the style and action inlet ordered, and the time of year ordered. Popular actions such as Mausers, Remingtons, Winchesters, etc., are cut more frequently than other actions such as older Sako models, and various other actions. The normal production time for a stock is currently running APPROXIMATELY 6 to 8 weeks, plus 1 week for shipping. Some stocks for uncommon actions, special set-up’s for custom features, left handed stocks, and mannlicher length stocks can take a bit longer, around 8 weeks. Target/Bench Style stocks take approximately 8 weeks for production, plus 1 week for shipping. These lead times are an approximate average–some stocks will be completed sooner, while others may take a bit more time depending on the setup and order volume for a particular item.

Yes, we do carry some actions and style’s in inventory.   Usually, we have a selection of Mausers, Remingtons, Winchesters, etc., available in  Claro Walnut Grades Economy through Semi-Fancy or Grade A, as well as some laminated colors. These stocks are usually available in Rollover, Monte Carlo, or Classic Styles only.  Make sure to check out our bargain list for a listing of many  special or discounted items from inventory.

First, select the a desired stock style from either our Sporter StylesTarget/Bench Styles, or Hybrid Styles.  Once a particular style is selected, a screen with full details and pricing will appear.  Simply select the hardwood and grade, or the laminate color that you desire and the price will be reflected in the table to the right.  You can also choose any of the available options or services for that style and any accessories desired.  Simply add these prices into the total and add for shipping.  Shipping charges  & Dealer Pricing information are specified on every pricing page.  All options available and prices for each style are shown on that style’s pricing sheet.  If a particular option or accessory is not present, this means that it is not available on that stock style.

First, please email or call us at (818) 767-6097 to determine if we have the correct pattern to inlet a stock for your action since we have patterns for many actions that we no longer normally machine stocks for.   If we do not have a pattern, we may be able to use your stock for duplicating the inletting into one of our stock styles.  This would be a special set up and an additional charge would apply depending on the type of pattern, action inlet, and other machine set up issues.  Please call us to determine the additional charge.  Special Set Up’s do have a longer production time, so please verify the approximate lead time when ordering.

This depends upon the inletting, or the stock pattern supplied.  If we duplicate a stock from your pattern, we will have to adapt it for use in our machinery, and the stock may be scuffed or marred during the process of duplicating.  You will need to call us at (818) 767-6097 to determine if we are able to copy your stock or pattern, and for pricing information.

Yes, we can cut your wood into any one of our stock style’s.  The dimensions of the blank need to be as follows:  Minimum 32″ long, Minimum of 6″ wide at the butt, 2″ wide at the forearm, and 2″ thick.  This is the absolute minimium size to produce a stock from it.  A normal size blank would measure 34″ Long, 6 1/2″ wide at the butt, 2 1/2″ wide at the forearm, and 2 1/2″ thick.  Please note:  If your blank measures 2 1/4″ thick, there may be a few flat spots on the stock but can be rasped out and still be shaped normally by the customer. 

Yes, all dealers receive a 20% dealer discount on their orders.  Dealer discounts are available on all Hardwood Gunstocks, and many of the laminates.  Generally dealer discounts don’t apply on sale or promotional items, or target styles.   To receive dealer pricing, please mail, email, or fax us a copy of any of the following supporting documents:  1) FFL  2) State or City Business License or Tax Permit (for firearms or sporting goods related businesses only)  Individuals can also qualify as dealers when a sufficient volume of stocks have been ordered in a given time frame.  Please call for details.

Most features of sporter style stocks are interchangeable between common styles.  For example, you can request an Old Classic style to have no shadow line cheekpiece, and to have a tip & cap installed.  However, features on Target Style stocks can not be mixed with a Sporter Style stock.  For example, we cannot make a sporter style stock with a Target Style Forearm.  Individual features on Target Style stocks such as the type of forearm, cheekpiece, etc. cannot be altered.  For example, we cannot produce a Bench Rest Style stock with a flat oval forearm as this stock style is available only with the bench rest “flat forearm.”  However, the stock style most certainly can be modified by the customer to suit his or her own preferences.

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