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Factory Seconds & Blemished Gunstocks

REDUCED in price by 40-50% because of COSMETIC flaws such as drying checks, small knots, and sapwood. Filled, repaired, and structurally sound, they have the same beautiful color and figure as our first quality stocks. The exact location or number of flaws, fills, sapwood, drying checks, etc. cannot be specified as these gunstocks are chosen at random. Factory Seconds are available in Claro Walnut Only.

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Factory Seconds & Blemished Gunstocks


  • Factory Seconds are available in Right Hand Configuration ONLY, in Rollover, Monte Carlo, and Modern Classic Styles ONLY. Seconds are NOT available in Old Classic, Thumbhole, or Target Styles.
  • All Factory Seconds are made in California Claro Walnut and come with a FREE Rosewood Tip & Cap
    Because these factory second stocks are already fully shaped on the outside, they are NOT available with Maple Spacers and every Second comes with a Tip & Cap. Sorry, but we cannot omit the Tip & Cap on Factory Seconds.
  • Factory Seconds in any Grade of the Three Available Styles can be inletted for any of the bolt actions listed in the “List of Actions Cut” section at no additional charge except where noted for rare models in the “List of Actions Cut” section.
  • Factory Seconds are graded using the Same Grading Scale as our First Quality Stocks.
  • Factory Seconds will have COSMETIC FLAWS such as knots, sapwood, drying checks, etc.
    The nature of the flaws are cosmetic only and do not affect the structural integrity of the stock.
  • Photos of individual stocks are not available, as all Factory Seconds are randomly selected.
  • Your stock can be inletted for any of the actions listed in our Available Actions Section. CLICK here! for the list.
  • There is no extra charge unless specified in the available actions section for rare models.