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54-02A-BoltLongWolverine StyleBlack Laminate2 1/4″ Forearm, 1/2″ pad, Studs$129.00
47-08A-boltLong actionSharpshooterImperial LamDece Pad, Cheekpiece on both sides$159.00
40-10A-BoltShortDual Grip ThumbholeRoyal Camoflague Laminate1″ Pad, Studs$155.00
41-09A-BoltShortStraightline ThumbholePsychedelic Laminate1/2″ Pad$125.00
56-06A-boltShort actionWolverine ThumbholeSelect Grade1″ Pad$109.00
56-03A-boltShort Micro medallianModern ClassicBrown LaminateRH action LH shooter 1/2″ pad$109.00
58-11A-boltLong 300 WIN MAG ActionRollover StyleExhibition grade Black WalnutMedallian Action Shorted Mag/ Left hand action$419.00
52-12AnshutzM54 Single shotMonte CarloAA Maple1/2″ pad$215.00
39-04BrowningX-BoltDual Grip ThumbholeBrown LaminateDecelator Pad$132.00
41-26CZM600Dual Grip ThumbholeBrown Laminate $89.00
55-01CZModel 455Thumb Cheek BenchrestTigerwood Laminate1″ Pad, 2 1/2″ forearm$169.00
39-22CZ600 7 7/8″Prone StyleElectric Blue Laminate $149.00
39-18CZM550 Fixed “601”Dual Grip ThumbholeStandard Grade Walnut1″ Pad, Studs$128.00
43-37CZM600TackdriverRoyal Camoflague Laminate $119.00
43-15Howa1500 ShortDual Grip ThumbholeCamoflauge LaminateRight hand/left hand shooter ,Ebony tip and cap$149.00
54-08Howa1500 LongMonte CarloBlack Laminate1″ Pad$99.00
56-01Howa1500 MiniProne StylePsychelic Lam3″ Forearm, 1 1/4″ barrel channel, Dece Pad$179.00
47-17Howa1500 ShortPrecision ThumbholeBlack Lamiante2 1/2″ Forearm 1.25″ b.c Dece pad$139.00
57-05InterarmsMark XWolverine ThumbholeIrish Moss1″ barrel channel, Dece Pad No tip and cap$139.00
46-6Kimber82G single shotTackdriverRosewood Laminate $139.00
52-10Kimber84MTackdriverElectric BlueDece/Sling swivels$149.00
53-16Kimber84MRollover StyleEX 2ndDece Pad$185.00
32-12KimberM8400Wildcat ThumbholeElectric Blue $130.00
39-17MarlinXL LongTackdriverApache Gold Laminate $139.00
12-340Mauser3000Rollover StyleElectric Blue Lam $99.00
39-16Mauser48 #1BCStraightline ThumbholeElectric Blue Laminate1/2″ Pad$141.00
32-24Mauser48 Model #3 b.cStraighline ThumbholePsychedelic Laminate#3 Barrel Channel 
44-19Mauser96 Mil BCStraightline ThumbhooleBlue Coral $129.00
41-07MauserFN Commercial # 1BCDual Grip ThumbholeBlue Coral Laminate $121.00
41-23MauserM3000Wolverine StyleBlack Widow LaminateDecelator Pad, Studs$149.00
35-07MauserM3000Safari RolloverApache Gold Laminate $76.00
43-14MauserMiniMonte CarloElectric Blue Laminate $109.00
50-18MauserMiniRollover StyleAA MapleDece Pad$229.00
39-27MauserMini MauserStraightline ThumbholeElectric Blue Laminate1/2″ Pad$141.00
44-18MauserMini-MauserSporster StyleEconomy GradeRight hand action/left hand shooter$59.00
39-15Montana1999 7 5/8″RolloverAAA Maple $250.00
55-02Montana1999 Long#102 Old ClassicBastonge AAEbony tip and cap$229.00
40-02Montana1999 ShortRolloverSemi FancyRight hand action/left hand shooter$83.00
34-03MosinNagantPrecision StyleElectric Blue LaminateRight hand action/Left hand shooter, 96% inlet$150.00
34-22MossbergATR LongStraightline ThumbholeElectric Blue LaminateDecelator Pad, Studs$169.00
No Action Inlet      
56-09No Action Inlet.920 barrel channelDual Grip ThumbholeCamoflauge Lam2.5″ Forearm$109.00
49-21Remington788 LongModern ClassicSemi Fancy SecondRight hand action/left hand shooter, 1″ pad$69.00
51-13Remington721Dual Grip ThumbholeAAA Maple1/2″ pad$225.00
49-05Remington722Modern ClassicBrown Laminate $99.00
57-16Remington40X Single Shot shortDual Grip ThumbholeSemi FancyDece Pad$145.00
33-21Remington700 ADL LongPrecision StyleBrown LaminateLeft hand action/shooter, 2 1/2″ Forearm$130.00
42-18Remington700 ADL LongCustom RolloverElectric Blue Laminate1″ pad, 1 1/4″ BC, 2 1/2″ Forearm$149.00
57-09Remington700 ADL Long LH LHThumbhole TargetBlack WidowLeft hand action and shooter, varmint b.c 3″$169.00
55-04Remington700 ADL ShortStraight line thumbholeBlue Coral Lam1/2″ Pad$139.00
41-11Remington700 BDL LongDual GripRoyal Camoflauge Lam1″ pad$150.00
52-01Remington700 BDL LongStraight line thumbholeBrown Laminate $115.00
54-10Remington700 BDL LongSafari ClassicApache Gold Lam12″ L.O.P$69.00
55-11Remington700 BDL ShortRollover StyleAA grade 2ndSmall mountain barrel channel$105.00
56-04Remington700 BDL ShortWildcat ThumbholeEconomy Maple1″ Pad$89.00
57-01Remington700 BDL shortSharp Shooter THumbRoyal Camoflague2.5$139.00
31-10Remington700 Long Single ShotCustom RolloverSemi Fancy Claro WalnutDecelator Pad, No tip and cap, Studs, 2 1/4″ Forearm$124.00
31-17Remington788 Short 7 3/4″Straightline ThumbholeApache Gold LaminateRight hand action/Left hand shooter, 2 1/4″ Forearm$133.00
48-05RemingtonM541Wildcat ThumbholeBlack Laminate2 1/2″ Forearm$119.00
57-14RemingtonM721Wildcat ThumbholeAuutum LeavesDece Pad$169.00
48-02RemingtonModel 7Straightline ThumbholeElectric Blue Lam1″ Pad$169.00
52-07RemingtonModel 600Dual Grip ThumbholeRosewood Laminate9″ Forearm, 1″ Pad$149.00
58-01RemingtonRemington 700 ADL ShortThumbhole TargetElectric Blue Lam3″ Forearm , 1.25″ barrel channel$169.00
34-01Ruger77/22 Old VersionProne StyleCamoflauge Laminate1/2″ Pad, .920 BC, 3″ Forearm$150.00
31-02RugerMK II LongCustom RolloverAAA Maple $341.00
53-01Ruger10/22 .920 bcWildcat ThumbholePurple SaphierDecelator Pad, Right hand actio Left Hand Shooter$139.00
40-04Ruger10/22 MagPrecision StyleSelect Grade Walnut.920 BC, 2 1/2″ Forearm, 1″ Pad$122.00
25-36Ruger77 MK II LongTackdriverPsychedelic Lam $129.00
38-22Ruger77 MK II LongDual Grip ThumbholeBrown Laminate1/2″ Pad$118.00
43-13Ruger77 MK II LongMonte CarloStandard GradeRight hand action/left hand shooter, 2 1/4″$69.00
51-10Ruger77 MK II LongWolverine ThumboleBrown Laminate1″ pad sling swivels$129.00
51-28Ruger77 MK II LongRollover styleBlack lamiante1/2″ Pad$119.00
32-08Ruger77 Old Tang LongWildcat ThumbholeExhibition GradeWC Pad, Ebony , Right hand action/Left hand shooter$350.00
54-07Ruger77 Old Tang LongPrecision ThumbholeIrish Moss LaminateDece Pad, Studs, 2 1/2″ Forearm$179.00
47-03Ruger77 Old tang Short#102 Old ClassicBrown LamMannlicher length$149.00
56-15Ruger77 Old Tang ShortModern ClassicEconomy Grade $59.00
32-18Ruger77/17 New ModelWolverine ThumbholeBlack Widow LaminateStandard B.C$125.00
45-16Ruger77/17 WSM New versionBenchrest ThumbholeDesert Sunset Laminate3″ Forearm/ 1/2″ Pad$149.00
09-622Ruger77/22Striaghtline ThumbholeElectric Blue Laminate.920 B.C, 1/2″ pad, needs glass bedding$139.00
56-02Ruger77/22TackdriverBlack Laminate1/2″ Pad$139.00
48-20Ruger77/22 HornettackdriverMidnight Fire $0.00
45-32Ruger77/22 New versionPrecision StyleBlack laminate $129.00
57-03Ruger77/22 Old VersionPrecision ThumbholeApache Gold lm2.5″ Forearm$169.00
46-7RugerOld Tang LongStraight line thumbholeCamoflauge laminate $119.00
15-317Sako591Cascade ClassicElectric Blue Lam $69.00
33-03Sako75 #4 30.06Modern ClassicAAA Grade1″ Pad$222.00
33-12SakoA-#2Benchrest ThumbholeRosewood Laminate1″ Barrel Channel, 3″ Forearm, 1″ Pad$170.00
33-25SakoA-5TackdriverRoyal Camoflauge LamDecelator Pad$154.00
48-25SakoA-5Safari RolloverDesert Sunset $89.00
41-27SakoA5 (L61)Custom RolloverRoyal Camoflauge LamDecelator Pad$139.00
45-21SakoAV 338 calBenchmark StyleAAA Claro Walnut1 1/4″ barrel channel$224.00
42-01SakoL 69Safari RolloverElectric Blue Laminate $79.00
40-25Savage10 MuzzeloaderTackdriverCamoflague LaminateRight hand action/Left hand Shooter,$120.00
47-15Savage110 Detach/HingedSafari ClassicMidnight Fire $89.00
48-19Savage110 Long Old HingedModern ClassicStandard Grade1/2″ pad, square plate$69.00
50-09Savage111 hingedPrecision StyleBlack Widow Laminate2 1/2″ pad,$159.00
33-16Savage111 Hinged CNCCustom RolloverA Grade Maple1/2″ Pad$155.00
47-14Savage112 Detach/HingedDual Grip ThumbholeEconomy Grade $69.00
57-12Savage12 Single shotBenchmarkDesert Sunset4.4″, 1 1/4″ barrel channel$169.00
42-30Savage16 CNC HingedTackdriverBrown LaminateDecelator Pad, Studs$135.00
57-13Savage10 4.4 Blind Mag LHModern ClassicSemi Fancy 2ndLeft hand inlet, no cheekpiece$69.00
50-15Savage11 Blind magRollover StyleSemi FancyEbony tip and cap, 1/2″ pad$149.00
44-27Savage11 CNC Detach magPrecision ThumbholePurple SaphierDecelator Pad, 3″ Forearm$149.00
45-07Savage11 Hinged CNCDual Grip ThumbholeBrown LaminateLeft hand action/shooter / 1/2″ Pad$119.00
46-9Savage110 Blind Long 5″Wolverine StyleBlack Laminate1″ pad 14 1/4″ L.O.P Left hand action/ Shooter$125.00
36-17Savage110 Long Blind MagCustom RolloverStandard Grade WalnutRight hand action/Left hand shooter, 2 1/4″ Forearm$78.00
56-14Savage110 Short 4.5 Clover PlateSafari RolloverBlack lam $69.00
44-10Savage110 Short 4.5″ BlindModern ClassicCamoflauge Laminate2 1/4″ Forearm$79.00
32-25Savage110 Short 4.5″ spacing#102 Old ClassicApache GoldSquare Plate$89.00
16-29Savage110 Short BlindCascade ClassicApache Gold LamShort Action 4.5″ between$89.00
47-25Savage111 BlindBenchmark StyleRoyal Camoflauge lam3″ Forearm, Standard b.c$159.00
35-23Savage111 Blind MagWolverine ThumbholeRosewood Laminate1/2″ pad$141.00
44-24Savage111 Blind MagTackdriverTigerwood Laminate1″ Pad$149.00
53-17Savage111 Blind MagPrecision ThumbholeRosewood LamDece Pad, 3″ Forearm, Studs$189.00
58-10Savage111 Blind MagSporter StylesMaple A Grade 2ndRight hand action/ Left hand shooter$139.00
32-13Savage111 CNC DetachedStraightline ThumbholePsychedelic Laminate1″ Pad, No tip and cap, Studs$155.00
35-15Savage111 CNC HIngedStraightline ThumbholeAuttum Leaves LaminateExtra wood, Left hand action/shooter$130.00
35-27Savage111 CNC HIngedCustom RolloverTigerwood LamLeft hand action/Shooter, No tip and cap$121.00
43-31Savage111 Detach MagSharpshooterAuttum Leaves LamMonte Carlo Comb$139.00
42-11Savage111 Hinged CNCWildcat ThumbholeDesert Sunset1″ Pad$150.00
13-307Savage111 Hinged plateWildcat ThumbholeRoyal Camoflauge LamDecelator Pad, Studs$169.00
49-11Savage111 Long HingedRollover StyleRoyal Camoflague $109.00
07-707Savage111 Varmint B.CSportster StyleBlack Widow Lam $109.00
40-32Savage112 Hinged CNCMonte CarloCamoflague LaminateLeft hand action/shooter, Studs$109.00
38-11Savage12 4.4 Detached CNCWolverine ThumbholeBlue Coral LaminateDecelator Pad, Studs$152.00
58-08Savage12 Blind MagDual Grip ThumbholeBlack Laminate2 1/4″ Forearm 1/2″ pad$129.00
52-03Savage12 CNC Detach MagPrecision ThumbholeBlack Widow LaminateVarmint b.c , 1/2″ pad$149.00
35-22Savage12 CNC Hinged 4.4″Wildcat ThumbholeApache Gold LaminateExtra wood , 2 1/2″ , 1 1/4″ BC, Left hand action/shooter$133.00
46-14Savage12 Single shot 4.4Dual Grip ThumbholeCamoflauge Laminate2 1/2″, Varmint b.c$119.00
39-31Savage93 No AccutriggerCustomer RolloverStandard Grade Laminate1/2″ Pad$86.00
46-1Savage93 with AccutriggerSharp Shooter ThumbholeTigerwood Laminate2″ forearm, 1/2″ pad Left hand action$149.00
46-4SavageM10 4.4 blind magPistol Grip rifle stockIrish MossLH action/shooter/ 2.5″ benchrest$135.00
58-09Springfield1903Rollover StyleA 2nd1/2″ pad$99.00
53-18Springfield03/A3Marksmen StyleRosewood Lam3″ Forearm$169.00
31-08TikaT-3Wolverine ThumbholeBlack Laminate1/2″ Pad, Ebony$165.00
39-28TikaT-3Pistol Grip Rifle StockBlue Coral LaminateDecelator Pad$149.00
46-13TikaT-3Sharp Shooter ThumbholeDesert SunsetCheekpiece on both sides.$139.00
49-18WeatherbyMark 5Rollover StyleAA GradeRight hand action/left hand shooter, Dece Pad$179.00
55-08WeatherbyVarmintmasterWolverine StyleImperial LamDecelator Pad, studs$139.00
48-11Winchester670 Blind Short 7 1/8″Safari RolloverBrown laminate1/2″ pad$79.00
33-13Winchester670 Blind LongWolverine ThumbholeBrown LaminateDecelator Pad$130.00
46-17Winchester670 Blind LongProne styleA Grade1 1/4″ B.C , 2 1/2″ forearm$129.00
46-20Winchester670 Blind LongWolverine ThumbholeElectric Blue Laminate $127.00
01-404Winchester670 Long Blind magMonte CarloA Grade1/2″ pad$129.00
42-03Winchester670 Short BlindCustom RolloverBrown Laminate1/2″ Pad$79.00
38-04Winchester70 2 piece shortWolverine StyleApache Gold1″ Pad$125.00
53-14Winchester70 Long 2 Piece plateBenchrest StyleIrish Moss Laminate3″ Forearm, No vents$159.00
47-23Winchester70 One Piece Short 7 1/8″Monte Carlo StyleAA Grade SecondRight hand action/left hand shooter, 2 1/4″$99.00
34-06Winchester70 Pre 64Straightline ThumbholeCamoflauge LaminateRight hand action/Left hand shooter, 2 1/4″ Forearm$109.00
45-31Winchester70 Pre 64TackdriverBlack Gray Laminate1″ PAD$131.00
31-15Winchester70 Short 2 PieceSafari RolloverBlack Laminate $69.00
34-16Winchester70 Short 2 PieceSafari Monte CarloSemi-Fancy SecondDecelator Pad, Studs, Ebony tip and cap, 96% inlet$159.00
35-06Winchester70 Short 2 PieceDual Grip ThumbholeSemi Fancy Walnut $94.00
41-33Winchester70 Short 2 piecePrecision StyleAuttum Leaves Laminate2 1/2″ Forearm$139.00
38-06Winchester70 Short 2 Piece PlateStraightline ThumbholeRoyal Camoflague Laminate $129.00
38-21Winchester70 short 2 Piece Plate#102 Old ClassicTigerwood Laminate1″ Pad, Extra wood Palm, 2 Piece plate$137.00
52-04Winchester70 Super short One pieceSafari RolloverEconomy Good $59.00
44-25Winchester70 Super Short One pieceCascade ClassicDesert Sunset $79.00
50-16Winchester70 two piece ShortRollover StyleBlack Laminate7 1/8″$9.00
40-24WinchesterM 70 ShortMonte CarloStandard WalnutDetachable Magazine$65.00
41-34WinchesterPre 64Thumbhole TargetBlue Coral Laminate3″ Forearm$149.00
42-28WinchesterPre 64BenchrestRosewood Laminate1″ Pad$159.00
43-19WinchesterPre 64Safari RolloverRoyal Camoflague Lam $149.00
45-08Winchester70 Post 64 Short 2 pieceOld ClassicStadandard Grade96% inlet$69.00
45-17WinchesterM70 short action one pieceWildcat ThumbholeElectric Blue Laminate1/2″ Pad, Sling swivels$149.00
34-02WincheterM54#102 Old ClassicRosewood LaminateDecelator Pad, Left hand action/shooter$156.00
15-324WincheterPre 64Rollover StyleElectric Blue $89.00

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