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ReedWCElectricBlue.jpg (346741 bytes)ReedWCElectricBlue2.jpg (403087 bytes)
Wildcat Style, Electric Blue, 1" Flared Pad, Ruger M77V in .220 Swift, Bedded w/ Acraglas.
Submitted by Reed P. of Blanding, UT.

To submit  a nice photo of a finished Richards Microfit stock please email it to sales@rifle-stocks.com
Please Note:  Photos should be at least 6 inches wide at 72dpi for submission as smaller photos don't show well.     

Please Note!    Some stocks below have been modified by customer's according to their preferences. 

Imperial Laminate 10-17.jpg (73063 bytes)
Straight Line Thumbhole, Imperial Laminate, 1/2" Pad, Ruger 10/22(17)
Submitted by Ted K. of  Glenwood Springs, CO.

DCP_0002.JPG (97142 bytes)
Marksman Style, Desert Sunset, 1/2" Pad, Ruger 10/22 with Volquartsen barrel & Sightron 6-24x40 scope.
Built by Mike C. of Bassett, VA.

Modern Classic Style, Brown Laminate, with 1" Pad

Tactical Style, Imperial Laminate, with 1/2" Pad for a Ruger 10/22
Submitted by Brad C. 

DG_Exhibition_Grade.JPG (89704 bytes)
Dual Grip Thumbhole, Walnut, 1" Field Pad for a Mauser

DG_Exhibition_Maple_Sweed_Mauser.JPG (69643 bytes)
Dual Grip Thumbhole, AAA Quilted/Curly Maple, 1/2" Field Pad for a Swedish Mauser

Electric_Blue_Straight_Line.JPG (68135 bytes)
Straight Line Thumbhole, Electric Blue Laminate, 1/2" Field Pad.
Submitted by Gerd R. of  Sommerset NJ.

Thumbhole Target Tigerwood Laminate.JPG (42632 bytes)
Thumbhole Target Style, Tigerwood Laminate, 1/2" Field Pad for Ruger 77/17.
Submitted by Ted K. of  Glenwood Springs, CO.

Silver10-22TigerwoodStock.jpg (86225 bytes)
Thumbhole Target Style, Tigerwood Laminate, 1/2" Field Pad for Ruger 10/22.
Submitted by Ted K. of  Glenwood Springs, CO.

Kerns17HMR.jpg (187050 bytes)123 group.jpg (95448 bytes)
Dual Grip Thumbhole, 2-1/4" Varmint Forearm, Laminate, No Tip & Cap, 1/2" Pad Field Pad.
Ruger 10/17HMR using Ruger Receiver, Volquartsen SS/Fluted Barrel & Leupold 6.5-20x50 LRT Scope
Submitted by Ted K. of Glenwood Springs, CO.

Tigerwood Wildcat Style LH Side 10inch72dpi.JPG (40851 bytes)
Tigerwood Wildcat Style RH Side 10inch72dpi.JPG (42089 bytes)
Wildcat Thumbhole Style, Tigerwood Laminate, 1" Flared Pad for Savage 110.

ReynaldoCarson.jpg (68141 bytes)
Wildcat Style, Tigerwood, 1" Flared Pad, Browning A-Bolt II in .300 Weatherby Mag.
The stock has been pillar bedded by the customer and has a 31" free floated fluted barrel with a 1:9 twist. 
Submitted by Reynaldo C. of  Steilacom, WA.

Tonywvanguard.JPG (48892 bytes)tonywvanguard2.JPG (46754 bytes)
Dual Grip, Rosewood Laminate, Ebony Tip & Cap w/ No Spacers, Decelerator Pad, for a Vanguard.

NewellCSBlack.jpg (313324 bytes)
Classic Style, Black Laminate, Rosewood Tip & Cap
Stock is for a 1917 Enfield in .280 Rem--6 Shot Original Deep Belly Floorplate

MVC-005S.jpg (68331 bytes)
Rollover Style, Exhibition Grade Quilted/Curly Maple, 1" Field Pad, for an A-Bolt .300Win mag.
Submitted by Jorge G. of Medford, OR.

BradCWCDS1022.JPG (364740 bytes)
Wildcat Thumbhole Style, Desert Sunset Laminate, 1" Pad, for a Ruger 10/22.

BradCDGWal1022.JPG (284663 bytes)
Dual Grip Thumbhole Style, 2-1/4" Varmint Forearm, Grade AAA Fancy, Presentation Pad, for a Ruger 10/22.


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